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Music Town Tales Series

"Where Instruments Come To Life"


Enter the world of Music Town Tales where instruments come to life before your very eyes! Children will delight in the lyrical sounding rhymes and whimsical images. Adults will enjoy the educational aspects of introducing children to musical themes and instrument recognition in a fun, fresh way.

Victor Viola Moves To Music Town

(Music Town Tales) (Volume I)

When a family of string instruments are moving from New Rock City to Music Town not everyone is happy about the move. All Victor Viola can do is frown, because he doesn’t want to move to Music Town. His family can’t seem to cheer him up no matter what they do. Maybe Granny Fiddle, with the help of some newfound friends, can turn Victor Viola’s frown upside down. 

Victor Viola Moves To Music Town Coloring and Activity Book

This coloring and activity book features all your favorite musical instruments from the companion storybook: Victor Viola Moves To Music Town. Children will enjoy coloring the whimsical illustrations that feature an array of characters from Music Town like Victor Viola, Veronica Violin, Donald Double Bass, Chelsea Cello, and Granny Fiddle. This book features a wonderful assortment of activity pages such as dot-to-dots, drawing instruments, find the differences, matching, and mazes.

veronica violin cover.jpg
Veronica Violin-Where Is Molly?

(Music Town Tales) (Volume I)


Veronica Violin is ready for a grand tea party with fancy hats and tea cakes galore! But the guest of honor is missing...where is Molly? Veronica Violin, with the help of the String family, set out on a quest to find her favorite dolly. She checks the backyard with Victor Viola. Chelsea Cello drives her to Banjo Beach. Donald Double Bass takes her to Granny Fiddle's Ice String Shop. Can they find Molly before it is too late to have a tea party?

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